Auditax International provides tax trainings to enable clients to have a working knowledge of taxation in Tanzania. The tax trainings are meant for accountants, finance managers and directors, tax officers and other non-financial managers to increase their awareness of tax risks for their entities and empowering them to effectively manage tax risks. The knowledge will also help them to work smoothly with their tax consultants and TRA officials in handling tax affairs for their entities.

Our tax trainings are grouped into two i.e. Pre-arranged seminars for one /two days and tailored trainings (on client request) with specific topics chosen by the client. To request a tax training for your staff, kindly Click here.

Auditax International tax trainings are covered by experienced trainers in a clear, simple language and combined with practical examples. The course is also delivered through live group interaction. Case studies are also used. Certificate and training materials are issued at the end of the course.

Examples of tax trainings normally covered by Auditax International include Tax changes introduced in the Tanzania Budget and Finance Acts, Tax Accounting using IAS 12, Income Tax, Managing TRA Tax Audits and Tax Assessments, Tax Appeals Procedures and Techniques, Transfer Pricing, VAT Act, 2014, Taxes applicable to specific sector/industry e.g. Understanding the Taxation of the Oil and Gas Sector in Tanzania etc.